Backcountry's ORBY Invasion is again!


The strange creature is steadily heading you.They are increasing in number and type and trying to get in our society.The name of the creature is "ORBY". The leader is Japanese who is known as "back country".They have evolved in various ways and reappeared before us.

"Tricky" with a strange expression and a hairline.

Strange but cute is "Creepy".

If you like baby-faced good kids, we recommend “Tiny”.

If you like baby-faced good kids, we recommend “Tiny”.

Backcountry announced that it will ship a total of 12 ORBYs to its online store.The ORBY sales event called “THE HUNTING vol. 4” will be held on July 26 coming.Information is added on SNS of Backcountry.If you want to Encounters of the Third Kind,Check out his SNS and online store.

[Date] 2019.7.26 (Fri)
[Place] back country store
[Item] 12 ORBIES
[Price] 7,000 yen ~

For a while after the start only pre-sale of the official store

(We will start selling ETSY after a certain period of time)


Born in Japan. I am influenced by mothers who are good at sewing, I grow up in an environment familiar with creative activities. After graduation from high school, I learn communication art, and continue to present works through music, paintings, designs. on that after, I gained experience as a graphic designer / creative director and found backcountry in 2017.

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